Van Racking Ideas for carpenters, plumbers and electricians

At Vanarack we believe we have an incomparable range of van racking and racking accessories that will help any professional to keep their tools and consumables safe and sorted both when on the road and on site.

With a range of lightweight aluminium or birch ply racking bays, different shelf and drawer configurations, non-slip inserts, dividers, sorting bins, specialised tool holders, and secure removable van boxes, there’s a solution to every storage problem you’re likely to have. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together a few ideas relevant to specific trades, although the great thing about having such a wide range is there will always be ideas that are unique to you.

Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters

Kitting your van out with a professional racking system presents a good image to the customer, but more importantly, it makes your job easier too. Whether it’s keeping your screws sorted, and your screwdrivers close to hand, or making sure your power tools are safely locked away when not in use, you’ll find everything you need to kit out your van into a carpenter’s paradise. Check out van racking ideas for carpenters.

Van Racking Ideas for Electricians

Make sure you can find exactly the right fuse first time every time. Reach out and grab the strippers without searching in the bottom of a box full of wires. Whatever job you’re on, a professional quality van racking system will save space, show the customer that you mean business, and help you do your job efficiently. Find out about van racking ideas for electricians.

Van Racking Ideas for Plumbers

With so many different consumables like washers, joints, valves, tapes, solder, traps, and loads more to keep sorted; plus a range of tools, from valve keys to pipe benders, there are plenty of benefits to having a professional racking system to keep everything in your van tidy. Not only will it help present a good image to customers, but more importantly you save time and space. Find out more about van racking ideas for plumbers.

Even if you’re not a carpenter, an electrician, or a plumber, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a properly kitted out van racking system. Painters and decorators, mobile dog groomers, locksmiths, and plenty more trades can save space in their van and keep their tools and consumables safe and sorted. Just head on over to our racking pages and find your make and model of van to see a range of products already guaranteed to fit.

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Van racking and storage


It’s probably fair to say that plumbers have to carry one of the largest stocks and widest ranges of consumables of all professional trades. In order to be sure of having what you need on site, you need to carry everything from assorted different sizes of washers in various materials, to lengths of copper, or indeed plastic pipe in different diameters plus all the joints and jointing materials and that doesn’t even begin to cover cisterns, or waste management.

General benefits of van racking

Van racking doesn’t just save you time by keeping your tools and consumables properly sorted and ready to hand, it can also save you space. That can either mean you can get by with a smaller van, which could save you an enormous amount of money, or that you can carry more stuff, which means you can get more work done before having to get supplies. Turning up to the job with your van kitted out with professional racking shows you mean business.

Sorting and storage options

With a range of van racking options in either lightweight aluminium of birch ply, with various shelf and drawer configurations, plus accessories like non-slip mats, sorting bins, shelf dividers, and more you should be able to keep everything from the smallest washers, to things like taps, waste pipes, and tools sorted. Other accessories include specialised storage for caulking guns, spray bottles, paperwork, gloves, hoses and more, while hooks and spring clips are great for keeping your most commonly used tools handy. Having a place for everything and everything in its place means you can concentrate on the job at hand and not waste time looking for the right item when you need it.

Pipe carriers

Although this is an article about van racking, it would be remiss not to mention the option of Rhino or Vanguard, roof mounted, fully lockable, pipe carriers up to 6 metres in length. If your van is long enough you might not need it, but on the other hand, keeping pipes safely stored up top in a lockable carrier does free up a lot of space internally for preparation and other storage. Buy pipe tube carriers

The right racking for your van

The range of racking available is huge, but if it doesn’t fit in your van then it’s no use to you. So to make it easier, you can select the right make and model of van and drill down through options like wheelbase and roof-line and year until you get to the right one. Then you can select your racking options from what’s listed safe in the knowledge that it is suitable for your van. If you’re still in doubt, or need any more help, there’s a freephone number you can call and we’ll be happy to advise you.


Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters  

Carpentry is all about precision. It’s a craft, in some cases almost bordering on an art-form. You’re a professional tradesperson working with a wide variety of tools and fixings and, as such, you will probably want to continue that professionalism across to your van, and how you store your equipment. Of course, as a carpenter, you could easily be thinking you could do the job yourself, but your skills are in demand, and with a huge range of van racking systems already designed and worked out specifically for each make and model of van, you are probably better off taking on another job and leaving the racking to us. Although with a choice of aluminium or birch ply, you might well go for the latter option making it easier for you to come up with your own unique adaptations in future.  


Screws, and other fixings and accessories need to be kept sorted and easily accessible. You don’t want them flying about while you’re driving. Of course, you may want to keep these in sorted storage boxes that can easily be taken onto site, in which case regular racking bays are ideal, but if you want to keep things sorted in the van there are drawer units, and deep sided, or angled, shelves with a range of dividers, sorting bins, and non-slip mats, available to configure the layout according to your needs. Having a place for everything and everything in its place means you spend less time looking for the right screw, and more time getting the job done.

Power tools

With thefts from vans being reported all too often, nobody wants to leave their tools in the van unattended. But sometimes you just don’t have any choice. There are, however, options available to help keep your tools safe. Vanguard storage boxes are fully lockable and come with a number of great security features like an internal anti-jemmy system. Will your most expensive tools safely locked away you just have one box to take indoors at night. The larger ones can even be fitted with castors or can be moved with a fork lift or pallet truck.

Racking Accessories

As well as top quality shelving units there is a wide range of accessories to put the finishing touches to your van organisation. Things like spring clips for holding things like screwdrivers and other hand tools, spray bottle or sealant gun holders, hooks, and even somewhere to keep documents such as worksheets.

Van Specific

Whichever make and model of van you drive you don’t need to worry whether the racking you choose will fit. Using our van selection you can drill down to the exact make model and year to be certain that everything you order will be tailored to your van. Of course you will still need to have a measure up inside to decide which components will give you the best configuration, but even then, if you’re in any doubt you can always contact us for more ideas.  


Van Racking Ideas for Electricians 

Working with electricity requires focus and attention to detail because mistakes can literally be fatal. It’s an in-demand skill, both in the domestic and in the commercial side, and that means you don’t want to waste time searching for the right component or leave important kit loose in the back of the van. Here are a few thoughts on how van racking can save a sparks time and money.

General benefits of van racking

Kitting your van out with a professional racking system keeps your kit tidy and saves space. That might mean you can use a smaller van which would save a fortune on running costs, or that you can carry more kit meaning fewer trips to pick up spares. Having a place for everything and everything in its place will save you time, which means you can get the job done quicker, keeping the customer happy, and moving on to the next job quickly too.

Modular system

Just like electrical systems, van racking from Vanarack comes in a wide variety of components, starting with racking bays, in lightweight aluminium or birch ply, in a range of sizes, and then choosing the shelf and drawer configurations that best meet your needs. Whether it’s small items like fuses and screws, or reels of cable, there’s a configuration to suit with things like tray dividers, tubs, and non-slip mats, angled or deep sided shelves, and specialised add-ons like spring clips and hooks for keeping tools readily to hand, and even a document holder so you don’t lose your paperwork. Everything you need to get your consumables sorted, and your tools safely stored, is right here.

Van boxes

For keeping tools safe in transit, you have a range of van floor boxes in birch ply, or if you require extra security, there are strongboxes that can be removed from your vehicle overnight. Some can also be fitted with castors or have fork-lift rails for ease of movement. With strong steel construction and anti-jemmy systems, they can help keep your valuables safe, both on and off site. Buy van boxes & cabinets

The right system for your van

With such a huge range of van racking modules to chose from you will want to be sure that what you order will fit in your particular van. That’s where our easy to use website comes in. Just select the right make and model, then select the correct wheelbase and roofline, and you will be taken to a range of racking that is specifically suited to your van. You will still need to measure up to make the most of the space available of course. If you are still unsure about anything, then you can call our freephone number for more help and we’ll be happy to advise you.


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