"Great looking roof bars, exceptional value and packed with useful features"

ULTI bars are stronger, quieter, more fuel efficient & more adaptable.

Cross section of roof bar: Unique reinforced, aerodynamic
aluminium extrusion with adaptable T slot.

Adaptable Accessories:

Installed & adjusted in seconds using the innovative T slot, ULTI bar roof bar accessories assure you that your load will be safe & secure.

Eyebolt + Ratchet strap kits

Roof bar beacon brackets

Stainless rear roller kit

Accessorize & Save with Vanguard-direct Accessories Options ...

"Make the most of your ULTI Bar van roof rack & roof bar systems ..."

ULTI Bar Rear roller kit retails for £75.42, you pay only £45.00 if added as an option with your order.

Van Guard  Ladder clamps retail at £41.49, you pay only £24.99 if added as an option with your order


For a Professional insight into what a renowned building journalist has to think about Van Guard Accessories see below video.

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